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Central Florida Scents with Alecia Barrett

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"For me, It is not a hobby, It is a lifestyle."

I am delighted to be your consultant! Scentsy has been quite a journey for me and I am excited to share my story with you.  

My Scentsy story started with an invitation to a neighbors home party back in late 2010. I had never been to a Scentsy party before nor had I heard of Scentsy, but being a military spouse at the time, I figured it would be the best way to get out and meet people. But, I had never expected for that simple home party to change my life. I bought my first Scentsy warmer and instantly fell in love with the simplicity and “scent throw” that these simple bars of wax put off in my home!


A few months post-Scentsy party, I had found out that I was going to be a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Living in Hawaii at the time, I decided to travel back to Florida to spend my pregnancy at home with my family. I quickly fell bored, and decided that I needed something to occupy my time. I went online, chose a random consultant and made the decision to become a Scentsy Consultant. But, unfortunately for me and my business, once I got my starter kit, I had no idea where to go from there.


Fast forward a year and a half, an infant, and residing back in Hawaii, I quickly once again found myself in search of a hobby. I decided to dig into my kit and attempt to launch my business. My first year as a full time Scentsy consultant I had earned an all expense paid trip to Costa Rica, had grown my team tremendously, and had the opportunity to bless other individuals by sharing my passion. 


In 2014, I hit a road block in life. I was going through changes, moves, and trying to take on everything life was throwing at me. This resulted in losing everything I had worked for for the past three years. I made the decision to give up Scentsy to try to find myself. Little did I know, Scentsy was who I was. I let my business go for a little over a year, and hadn't felt myself since I did.


In 2015, I had had enough. I knew that a Scentsy Consultant is who I was, and I had to get the “old me” back. I rejoined Scentsy with hopes of growing my team, and getting back to where I was, and that is exactly what I am doing! Within the last year, I have built the foundation of my business, sponsored a very strong team of ladies with the same passion and mine, and plan to continue on the path to success!

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