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In December of 2003 Goodfellas Classic Cars, LLC was founded by Mickey Pandelos of Daytona Beach, FL and Dale Murray of Wichita, Kansas
Both of these gentlemen had a passion for classic cars and to restoring one of the most memorable eras of our time, the Fabulous 50's.
This was done in the creation of the town known as MikMurrayville.

The town consists of an old time Mob Barbershop, a General Store, a Piggly Wiggly Market, a Fish and Tackle Store, An Auto Repair Shop,
and Ice Cream Parlor. Mickey's office is an original Texaco Gas Station.

Through the years Goodfellas has been visited by people from all over the world. Our cars have been sold as far away as
England & New Zealand. Sadly Dale passed away in 2014, since then Mickey and his wife Nina have partnered
to take Goodfellas to the next level of marketing and adding a few new areas to our town.
We have added Bonnie and Clyde scene with a 1929 Model T and our new Beach scene features a 1949 Surf Wagon.

We hope when you come to the Daytona Beach, Fl area that you will take the time to visit our
"Once Upon A Time In America" town and our dealership. We look forward to your visit.

Nina & Mickey Pandelos, Owners


good fellas cars
1660 Segrave St,
South Daytona, fl 32119
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