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Grand View Home Inspections LLC

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Buying a home is a big investment. Protect your investment by getting a thorough, professional, licensed inspection before you commit. With 16 years of experi

ence and thousands of inspections, I've saved a lot of perspective buyers money, hassle and worse. Unexpected, expensive repairs are the last thing you need when trying to settle into your new home.
If you'd like to book an inspection, ask a question, chat about legislative issues relating to the real estate industry or the process of purchasing a home, give me a call at 603-387-6245 or email I'll get right back to you!
I offer first time buyer discounts, so be sure to let me know if this is your first time.
Are you a veteran? Thank you for your service! I will be glad to offer a discount to you, as well.
While they are not included with an inspection, I also offer radon testing and water testing. Just let me know!
Thank you for visiting my page! I look forward to hearing from you.
~Carla Horne

grandview inspect
194 Windsor Dr,
Port Orange, fl 32129
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