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Here at Granite Repair Etc. LLC, we think we should be responsible for cleaning up after ourselves, just as our parents taught us. When we work in your home, we make sure to leave as little of a mess as possible. Since grinding and dust are typically involved in granite projects, a mess is probably unavoidable. But don’t worry! We surround ourselves with a sealed, plastic tent as we work to keep the mess to a minimum. Once we’re done, we’ll be sure to clean up the mess we have made, leaving you with a home that’s in even better shape than it was when we started.

General Review Of Granite Repair Etc LLC



● Cleaning

● Chip Repairs

● Water Stain Removal

● Sealing

● Resurfacing/Polishing

● Scratch Removal

● Sink Replacement

● Fallen Sinks

● Stone Maintenance

● Matching Grout Colorant


Materials We Work With

● Granite

● Quartzite

● Quartz

● Marble


● Limestone

● Slate

● Dolemite

● Sandstone

● Soapstone

● Travertine


Surfaces We Do Work On

● Kitchen Countertops

● Bathroom Counters

● Showers

● Walls

● Furniture

● Tabletops

● Steps

● Pavers

● Floors

● Business Entrances

● Residential Foyers

Featured Listing
5889 S Williamson Blvd, Suite 1401
Port Orange, FL 32128
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8 am to 6 pm

Sunday: Closed