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about the trust ...

Preservation of Lilian Place Historic Museum (now open to the public)  and presently renovating and preserving the 1905 Hotchkiss House.

The Heritage Preservation Trust was established in 2006 by concerned citizens to help preserve the architectural and historical heritage of the Volusia County area and is a 501 (c3) non-profit Corporation. We now have over 200 members.

our mission ...

The mission of the Heritage Preservation Trust is to work for preservation and restoration of historical artifacts, buildings, lands, and sites in Volusia County through educational programs, fund raising, and grant acquisition.

preserving heritage in our area ...

Many lovely homes and historical sites have already been destroyed because they are not protected by a local historical overlay and proper zoning.

Historic properties are an important part of our culture and provide a positive economic and social impact on communities. Residents in our historic neighborhoods are working hard to stabilize and improve their properties and need everyone's help.

economic & social benefits...


  • Increased private investment in rehabilitation.
  • Job creation in rehabilitation trades, new businesses and business expansion.
  • Increased heritage tourism.
  • Increased property values.
  • Lower infrastructure costs.
  • Downtown and neighborhood revitalization.
  • Enhanced economic diversity.


  • Fostered a renewed sense of place and community pride.
  • Expansion of housing stock.
  • Creation of stable neighborhoods.
  • Promotion of diversity and increased levels of home ownership.
  • Retention of open space.
111 Silver Beach Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL 32115
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