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My services to you can be coined in the acronym FIT:


F - Fundraising.


My area of greatest experience and competence is fundraising. Fundraising is not just asking people for money. Before you ever get to the place where you can ask people for money you need: 



    1. Clarity of Vision and Mission - you need to know where you are going and what it will look like when you get there. You need to know what resources you will need to accomplish the vision you see and you need to be able to clearly articulate your vision.
    2. Strength in Leadership - this starts with your board of directors. One of my passions is to get boards to take their role with the utmost seriousness, apply great creativity, and do what they say they will do. Chances are, your board probably doesn't. You probably describe it as passive, ineffective, useless, or worse. Board clarity as to their roles and responsibilities is critical as is engaging them in the creative enterprise of casting and recasting vision. With the board operating as it should, then you can strengthen staff, the other half of a partnership model.
    3. Solid Strategies - A wine auction makes great sense for a museum and finds itself a misfit in a Christian high school. Direct mail works great for a homeless organization but is useless for an economic development center. To build strategy you must figure out who your donor prospects might be and what the best way is to reach them. You must consider your money, your volunteers, your community, your competition. What is the best use of your limited money and time to reach your constituents with your message? 



These three areas are how we work on fundraising. Once these are clear we can train people to ask for money, make a follow up phone call and build individual strategies for each donor and foundation.


I - Insight.


Let's face it, most nonprofit consultants you will talk to know a lot of raw information, and I know as much as the next consultant. However, the greater gift is to be able to take all the available knowledge regarding boards, fundraising, technology and the like and apply it to the critical aspects of




operation and give wise counsel for what




ought to do next. I make it my business to understand your business before making recommendations on how to move ahead. This is the insight LRCConsulting brings to you.


T - Trust.


Of course none of this is effective without trust. Trust comes from the strength of relationship. I build relationships with my clients. I encourage you to build relationships with your core team and I coach you to build alliances with key people to raise the support required to accomplish your vision.


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