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Medic Air Systems, Inc. founded by Kevin Taylor, the current CEO in 1996 as an HVAC Services Contractor providing due diligence to Medical Facilities and continued as a full high quality Mechanical Contractor providing HVAC, Plumbing and Medical Gas piping, equipment installations and Certification to Medical Facilities, Hospitals and Nursing Care Centers throughout the State of Florida and beyond as our customers needs prevail. Our Service Department is recognized throughout the State as the premier Health Care Service Center meeting all demands and expectations.

We maintain an office staff of fifteen and a permanent field staff of forty five. Currently our field staff is running at sixty five.

We presently provide our customer’s needs from Virginia South to Florida and East to Alabama and beyond providing high quality construction services to our repeat customers and to new customers.

Give us a call and try our capabilities founded on honesty, integrity, quality and on time performance.

Kevin Taylor

Some of the Services Currently Provided:

1. HVAC - Design Coordination, Fabrication, Building, Installations Renovations & Repairing,. Sheet metal fabrication, Ductwork, Plenums, Drain pans ,Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.


2. Plumbing - Design Coordination, Fabrication, Building, Installations Renovations & Repairing,. Hydronic Piping, Sanitary Sewer, Domestic Water Services, Storm Water, Gas Services, Air Purification, Air Filtering Systems. Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers.


3. Medical Gas - Design Coordination, Fabrication, Building, Repairing, Renovations.


4. Other Services - Project Management, Procurement, Pre-fabrication, Installation, Training.


5. Preventative maintenance / Repairs / Emergency service calls.

710 Glades Court
Port Orange, FL
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