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Wilbur Boathouse

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Wilbur by the Sea is and has been for much of its history, a scenic and historic enclave nestled between two incorporated municipalities.


goal of the Wilbur Improvement Association


is best described by reference to our local plan as adopted by Volusia County in 2004; to “maintain the existing residential, cultural and scenic values associated with the Wilbur community within the framework which will allow for growth compatible with the established development pattern and current land use policies”. Illustrative of the scenic and historic character of Wilbur is the Wilbur Boathouse. Located directly on 1000’ feet of river front in the center of Wilbur, this historic structure has undergone a complete restoration and serves as a focal point of the community. Preservation of this historic property to leave as a legacy for those who follow is of great importance to Wilburites and key to the future of Wilbur.

wilber b
4200 S Peninsula D
Port Orange, fl 32127
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