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Since 1991 Advanced Micro Systems has been an OEM manufacturer of precision motion XY stages and positioning equipment for industry and science. Integrated into sophisticated inspection and manufacturing equipment, AMS precision stages are a key element in literally hundreds of standard and custom instruments in operation all over the world.

End users of our equipment include: Raytheon, Boeing, Rockwell Science, Lockheed-Martin, Northrup-Grumman, Hitachi, Hewlett Packard, Seagate, Sandia National Labs, National Institute of Standards Technology, UC San Diego, University of Indiana, MIT, JPL and many others.

Our products include a standard line of XY, rotary, single axis stages and non-magnetic compoung goniometers.  We also specialize in custom design products to meet our customer’s specific needs for XY and Z axis precision motion.

From computer control, joystick driven, motorized systems to manual coarse-fine leadscrew drives, our stages perform with exacting precision year after year. Calibrated and directly traceable to NIST they can be easily adapted for custom tooling applications. Constructed from fully machined, stress relieved aluminum or steel billet, all precision surfaces are precision ground and can be ordered with black anodized finish (aluminum) or electroless nickel plated finish for ESD sensitive applications. Our unique three plate, cross roller bearing design offers unsurpassed rigidity and stability. End of travel limit switches are provided on all motor driven systems. Linear encoders are available with resolutions from 0.5 micron to 50nm.

Our stages, when integrated with a motorized z-axis column, makes the ideal optical measuring system for manufacturing, QC, R&D or high power microscopy.
We also make custom non-magnetic positioning systems geared specifically for nuclear research facilities.

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