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Conviva Care Center South Daytona

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We are reinventing excellence in healthcare with a simple idea - that meaningful patient relationships lead to better health outcomes.

Our shared goal is for our patients to reach their fullest potential while always feeling respected, understood, and cared for.


We have evaluated the changing needs of our patients throughout the aging process.

As a result, we have rethought the way our patients should experience healthcare as we move into the future.

Our success is measured with our patients' clinical outcomes and long term health. We best accomplish this success by forming a strong relationship with each patient as an individual, so we understand them along with their individualized health needs.

This relationship and understanding between patient and physician enables our approach to focus on lifestyle and prevention and allows our patients to maximize the time they spend focusing on their health, in and out of a clinical setting, to help them live their lives fully.

covina med
711 Beville Rd,
South Daytona, Florida 32119
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