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County Officials Want to Remind Residents to Celebrate Independence Day with Space this Weekend.

Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News



County officials are expecting large crowds this holiday weekend, to celebrate Independence Day. While COVID-19 on the rise, all beachgoers are reminded to maintain social distancing guidelines, avoid large groups, and wear face-covering when distancing is not possible.


All in-season vehicular access ramps will be. Open to vehicles for beach parking 8. A.m. to 7 p.m. There will be morning high tides that could delay some ramps from opening. Parking is allowed at a blue post or at a conservation post which is placed in 25-foot intervals.


Beachgoers are encouraged to access the beach in less-populated areas to avoid crowds.


Rip currents are forecasted for this weekend and Beach Safety wants to remind beachgoers to swim in front of a manned lifeguard tower and be wary of forecasted thunderstorms in the area. Eve4ryone should vacate the water and seek shelter in case of lightning.


Use and/or possession of Fireworks on Volusia County Beaches are prohibited and will be enforced by law enforcement. Fireworks cannot be used on the beach, at beachfront parks or access points (including ramps and walkovers) or beachfront buildings, such as businesses, hotels, condominiums, or homes. They create an enormous amount of trash that is extremely difficult to remove and is often ingested by sea life. The loud noises and bright lights may also deter sea turtles from using the beaches to nest at night. Fireworks also pose a great safety hazard for beachgoers.


After your day at the beach, flatten sandcastles, fill in holes, and take your chairs and equipment with you; do not leave any tents, chairs, or other materials on the beach overnight. This is an easy way to reduce obstacles faced by nesting sea turtles, which have begun visiting the beach at night to lay eggs.


Trash and recycle cans are placed at regular intervals along the beach. Environmentally friendly trash bags are available upon request at toll booths and from the beach litter team. Porter services will canvas both the beach and coastal parks to assist with the collection of trash, empty trash and recycle cans, and clean restroom facilities.


For more information, follow Volusia County Beaches on Facebook and Twitter, or visit

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