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Florida launches annual Safe Summer Travel Campaign: Arrive Alive.

Mon, Jun 06, 2022 at 12:55PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News 



The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) expects the summertime travel season to reach record-breaking highs, this year. In response, FLHSMV is teaming up with its Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) division to launch its annual Safe Summer Travel Campaign, Arrive Alive, which reminds Floridians and visitors to put safety at the top of their summer travel list. 

According to a release, historically speaking, when the number of residents and visitors who hit Florida roadways during the summer months increase, so do the number of crashes. Last year, between June and July, there were more than 66,000 crashes in Florida – resulting in more than 2,600 serious bodily injuries and 568 fatalities. 

“With Florida’s thriving economy and world-class appeal to so many visitors and residents alike, there are more travelers on Florida’s roads than ever before. It is important for all road users to drive how they would want others around them to drive – with courtesy and care,” said FLHSMV Executive Director Terry L. Rhodes. “Before heading out on the road this summer, be sure to check your tires, follow the speed limit, and always buckle up.”

In June and July 2021, more than 11,000 citations were issued for unlawful speed, which has been consistently high in the summer months since 2014. Obeying speed limits and driving less aggressively reduces the probability and severity of crashes while ensuring you have plenty of time to stop in a situation with vulnerable road users, like pedestrians and bicyclists. In Florida, the speed limit will never be higher than seventy mph.

“Florida is a wonderful state to live and visit; our summer months are a time in which we spend an exceptional amount of time traveling on our roadways to visit Florida’s remarkable destinations. We remind all our travelers to make sure your vehicles are road-ready,” said Chief Stephan Dembinsky of the Daytona Beach Shores Police Department and President of the Florida Police Chiefs Association. “We also remind travelers to prepare themselves and their vehicles for any potential roadside emergencies you might encounter. Have a plan and know who to call and how to get help should you need it while traveling. FHP and your Florida law enforcement officers and deputies will be there when you need us.”

FLHSMV and FHP want residents and visitors to ensure their vehicles are road-ready, as the first step to a safe summer trip, with the following tips:


  • Tires are your vehicle’s first line of defense – worn, damaged, or improperly inflated tires can cause crashes.
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drivers in the United States put more than 2,900 billion miles on their tires each year.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your tires.
  • Under-inflated tires can overheat and endanger lives. Refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for the recommended tire pressure.
  • Sun damage and age can cause headlights to turn yellow and become cloudy. Cloudy headlights can limit your ability to see and be seen on the road. If you have an older vehicle, consider changing the headlight casing or using restorative cleaners to improve visibility.
  • Properly functioning windshield wipers play a vital role in safe driving in inclement weather. Hot, sunny climates like Florida can cause windshield wipers to deteriorate faster and need more frequent replacement. Periodically check windshield wipers and replace them, as necessary. Noisy or streaky wipers indicate it is past time for a replacement.


In addition to having a road-ready vehicle throughout June and July, FLHSMV will be educating the public on all aspects of safe driving. For more information, visit

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