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Volusia County Council invests $234,252 in Driver Safety Education for students.

Mon, Nov 27, 2023 at 4:35PM

Volusia County Council invests $234,252 in Driver Safety Education for students.

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News



In a resounding display of dedication to student well-being and road safety, the Volusia County Council has allocated $234,252 to bolster driver safety education across schools in Volusia County. This move, funded by a $5 allotment from each civil traffic fine, underscores the County's innovative and proactive approach to fostering safer driving practices among its youth.

Over the past five years, the County has committed $1,025,508 in funds to the Volusia County School District, empowering the district to conduct its driver education program benefitting 2,255 students during this period.

The recent injection of funds from the County will further enable the school district to persist in providing driver education initiatives. These programs will be offered during regular school hours, after school, on weekends, and throughout summer breaks. The flexible scheduling aims to ensure that more students can access the program at a time that fits their schedule.

This financial support funds crucial resources, like acquiring two new driver education vehicles, ongoing vehicle maintenance, fuel, compensation for school district staff, and procurement of necessary curriculum-related materials. Noteworthy is the program's outreach, extending beyond conventional settings to include high school-aged students not enrolled in public schools, offering them the opportunity to participate in sessions hosted by public schools.

Volusia County's substantial investment in this program underscores its unwavering commitment to cultivating a safer and more responsible generation of young drivers. This initiative goes beyond enhancing the safety skills of young individuals; it contributes significantly to the broader objective of creating a safer driving community in Volusia County.

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