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Volusia County consents to a three-year Corrections Union Agreement.

Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 1:30PM

Written by Anthony Bicy

Belden Communications News



Volusia County and the county’s correctional officer’s union have agreed on a three-year employment agreement, where corrections officers will receive pay raises and a new retention bonus program.

The union of corrections officers and sergeants ratified the agreement on a 102-6 vote before sending it to the Volusia County Council, who approved the contract on Tuesday.

All sides noted that the contract was an arduous process.

“This has been a long road,” Corrections Director Mark Flowers told the County Council. “Although the road wasn’t smooth all the way, at the end of the day, I think we’ve got a great contract here.”

This new agreement covers the last fiscal year, the current, and the next. Every year, officers will receive a pay raise. However, that is dependent on the County Council not adopting a rollback millage rate. If they take on one for 2022-23, the county and union must renegotiate the pay raise.

There is also a one-time, $2,000 retention bonus for full-time, certified corrections officers, seniors, and sergeants. In exchange, they must sign a two-year employment commitment to stay full-time. The officers receive half the money upon signing and the other half after a year. If an officer signs the contract and abandons their job before the two years, they must pay back the bonus money.

“Retention was key in this first contract, and we appreciate the moves that were made,” Union president and senior corrections officer Matt Harrison said. “The majority of staff seemed happy with the county’s offer.”

The agreement will end on September 30, 2023.

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