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Port Orange Animal Control Seeks Help from Public for Anti-Tethering Ordinance.

Wed, Jun 02, 2021 at 9:35AM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News



The Port Orange Police Department took to social media over the weekend promoting Port Orange Animal Control and the City’s anti-tethering ordinance, which was adopted back in December of 2020.

“The Port Orange Animal Control needs your help,” the Port Orange Police Department said in its Facebook Post, dated Saturday, May 27. “Calling the dispatch center to report animals in distress and any other city ordinance violations helps to get the call out to our personnel in a timely manner, based on an assigned priority, and additionally helps us track the history of a given location. This is especially important if there are repeat violations.”

The Anti-tethering Ordinance, Ordinance No. 2020-38, is an amendment to Chapter 10, Section 10-3, prohibiting the tethering of dogs and cats to stationary objects while outdoors.

The ordinance states that no person shall tether a dog or cat to a stationary object while outdoors unless the following exceptions are met:


-Dogs and cats must be within visible range of the owner or responsible party. The owner or responsible party must be outside with the animal at all times.

-Dogs and cats may be tethered on a property for a short time (up to 30 minutes) while the owner or responsible party performs temporary tasks indoors or on another section of the property.

-The tether is connected to a swivel hook on the dog or cat's buckle type collar or body harness of sufficient size to adequately and safely restrain the animal.

-The tether is of size reasonably necessary to safely restrain the animal. Length should be at least the greater of five times the length of the animal - Measured at the nose to the tip of the tail - or 10-feet.

-Dogs or cats are not tethered outside in periods of extreme heat (more than 90 degrees) or Cold (lower than 50 degrees), Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornadoes, Tropical Storms, or Hurricanes.

-Dogs or cats have adequate water, shelter, food, and dry ground.

-The tether must be secured in a way that it cannot become entangled with other objects that could deprive the animal of water, shelter, food, or dry ground.

-The dog or cat must be six months of age.

- The dog or cat must not be sick or injured.


The new ordinance seeks to ensure pets have adequate food, water, shelter and ensure they are not left tied up outdoors all day and all night. Its goal is to provide a safe environment for its citizens, as well as their pets.

Animal Control is requesting anyone who sees an animal in distress to call the law enforcement non-emergency number at (386) 248-1777.

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User Comments

I think this is wonderful and so glad that it will be used more. I hate seeing animals tied up outside in the heat and with no way to get food or water. Thank you
Author: / Sun, Jun 06, 2021 at 3:54PM

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