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VCS Still Has Brick and Mortar Option as Schools Set to Open Monday.

Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 5:40PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News




The Volusia County School Board held a discussion at the end of its regularly scheduled session Tuesday afternoon. The discussion involved the recent ruling of a Leon County Judge’s decision to deem the state-wide mandate for a Brick and Mortar return to schools this month, unconstitutional this past Monday.


It was made clear by school board members that they would not be amending their decision to open schools up this coming Monday, August 31.


“We hear you,” said school board member Ruben Colon referencing the multiple calls from parents and teachers who expressed great concern for the district’s reopening plan. “I do not believe we can stop schools from reopening right now,”


While a judge has deemed the mandate unconstitutional, an appeal has been made by the state, which incorporated a stay to be put on the mandate.


“The assumption that the district could lose funding if the appellate courts uphold the order is a concern,” Ted Doran, an attorney for the school board said in the meeting.


A long discussion took over the ending of the school board meeting, which did not change the outcome of the reopening of Volusia County Schools. School board members are aware of the concerns but cannot afford to risk the threat of losing funding.


To the school board, testing the state was not an option at this point.


“We need parents to show grace and compassion,” Jamie Haynes, a school board member for district one, said in closing.

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