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Volusia County Schools announces middle school reformation.

Tue, Feb 01, 2022 at 7:55PM

Written by Anthony Bicy

Belden Communications News



Beginning next school year (2022-2023), Volusia County Schools will implement exciting changes to middle schools countywide. The changes will include teaming teachers with students to establish shared accountability and decision-making to support the child, going to a six-period day from a seven-period day, and bringing the fun back to middle schools!

Six class periods a day provides longer class periods for teachers to dig deeper into the academic content, allow for more time on task, and teachers can work on ongoing remediation and acceleration for students.

Teaming up teachers and staff with students will help develop deeper relationships and help cultivate a stronger sense of belonging to the schools’ climate and culture.

Volusia County Schools promises more electives and competitions to encourage school culture, mascots, and identity.

According to a release, each middle school will be sharing more about next year’s teaming initiative with parents and students throughout the spring semester. Orientation sessions will be scheduled with parents to share more regarding middle school initiatives and answer questions. 

Visit view the Volusia County Schools’ vision.

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User Comments

Re: Volusia County Schools announces middle school reformation.
I go to a Volusia school and I'm now just seeing but I would like to say I really don't want a six period school year it would just make the day seem longer and if u don't have a good teacher then that just makes it worse also the fact I'm loosing in on a class to learn so this six period day system won't work unless you have a teacher that actually teaches with is vary hard to find now-a-days. Also adding on to my thing about missing in on a class to learn I don't even have science on my schedule but it's a requirement for Spanish (witch I have) then I have 2 electives with only really leaves 3 classes to actually learn what I need but guess what I have history too witch takes another period now I only 2 for learning about things I need in every day jobs and for what I need when I'm older and thought we have more time I'm still missing out on science witch I need for the degree I want and I can't switch the class cause it's mandatory.
Author: / Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 11:29PM