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City of Port Orange Restaurants Require Permit for Temporary Outdoor Dining; Reopens Skatepark.

Mon, May 04, 2020 at 3:15PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News


The City of Port Orange has executed a new Executive Order effective today that requires restaurants that are setting up temporary outdoor dining options to obtain a permit, while another order also re-opens the City Skate Park.


This new order does not affect restaurants with existing outdoor dining options that are already a part of their site plan.


Permit applications are available at the city’s website, which can be found here. All completed applications can be submitted at drop boxes located at entrances at City Hall or via email at


There is no fee to submit a permit application or to obtain a permit. The restaurant must be open to the public, be licensed to serve food/beverages on the premises, and the applicant owns the property (or authorized by the owner) on which temporary dining area is proposed in the application.


Written authorization from the owner (or authorized agent) and a sketch of the temporary outdoor dining area must be included in the application. The sketch shall include:

  • Tables and seating with separation
  • Tents, fencing, and other temporary structures
  • Waste receptacles
  • Sanitation areas
  • Ingress and egress with an accessible path to parking


The outdoor occupancy must not exceed the originally approved occupancy limit for the restaurant and comply with the Governor’s Order 20-112 and CDC guidelines, for social distancing.


On top of the new order for temporary outdoor dining areas, the City of Port Orange has also revised Executive Order No. 5, by re-opening the City Skatepark. As per Order No. 5, all playgrounds and splash pads remain closed at this time.


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