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Operation Vision Zero Kick-off Conference with Officials at Volusia County Emergency Operations Center.

Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 4:30PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz – Belden Communications


Operation Vision Zero officially launched Thursday, but City and Law Enforcement Officials kicked the project off this afternoon, by hosting a press conference at the Volusia County Emergency Operations Center in Daytona Beach.


The Daytona Beach Vice Mayor, and Council Member, Robert Gilliland led the conference, with the strategy behind the Operation. “The Zero in Operation Vision Zero is for the number of fatalities to be just that…Zero,” Gilliland stated. The reason behind the entire Operation is to put an end to the high representation of fatalities of both pedestrians and bicyclists, after being struck by drivers.


Port Orange Mayor, Donald Burnette represented the City of Port Orange and was at the conference to share his vendetta for backing the operation.


He shared that when his son was a freshman in high school he was struck by a mail truck while riding his bike home from school. “We’re headed toward Education and Enforcement of Safety,” Burnette said


Sheriff Michael Chitwood also spoke up about the benefits of the Vision Zero Zones around the County. “We want to educate the users of our roadways,” the Sheriff said, “It’s not just about writing citations, but educating the public.” Sheriff Chitwood explained that the objective of the operation is changing behaviors and safety.


Educating the public will be done at the Vision Zero Zones located throughout the County, where Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri, informed there will be a heavy police presence at each zone. While officers will use discretion in issuing citations, they are to talk to pedestrians about jaywalking, crossing at crosswalks, and waiting for the ‘Walk’ sign.


Officials from FDOT were also a part of the conference informing of the collective effort of the 13 Law Enforcement Agencies that made the Operation possible by analyzing High Impact Corridor’s when it comes to Pedestrian and Bicyclist deaths. Each zone is placed in a strategic location.


There is a total of 4 counties participating in Operation Vision Zero, and the total of Vision Zero Zones is 27 zones that will be in effect from today until March 31st. There is no telling at this time if Officials will be extending the Operation.

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