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Person of Interest Officially Named Suspect in Port Orange Woman’s Murder

Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 8:15PM

Port Orange, FL - Thomas “Tommy” McMullen, 37, has officially been named the prime suspect in the vicious murder of Port Orange resident Diana Kessler, 32.

A report released by Port Orange Police Wednesday afternoon cites preliminary autopsy results that indicate Kessler was stabbed in excess of 100 times and that she suffered blunt force trauma to her head.

“Our investigation has revealed this to be an extremely violent and prolonged event which also displayed apparent attempts to conceal the crime scene,” said the news release by the Port Orange Police.

The release goes on to say Kessler’s body showed numerous defensive wounds as she fought her attacker. The police believe Kessler and McMullen were friends and were not romantically involved.

City and county law enforcement agencies are engaged in a joint manhunt for McMullen, who they say could be prone to violence as indicated by the violent nature of this horrific crime. He is believed to still be in the East Volusia area, and reports from police and other news sources cite McMullen had prior arrests and is believed to have a drug problem.

Law enforcement is actively pursuing the location of McMullen and urge any resident with information to contact police central dispatch (386-248-1777 or 911) as quickly as possible.

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