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Volusia County Schools Sets Spring Testing Schedule.

Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 1:20PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communication News



Volusia County Schools has established a state test schedule for the remainder of the school year, allowing for social distancing during test administration. 


“The Florida Statewide Assessments required by state and federal law are more critical than ever so that educators and parents can measure progress and determine what additional services and supports students need to be successful,” said VCS Superintendent Dr. Scott Fritz.


According to a release, a recent Executive Order issued by Governor Ron DeSantis extended the spring state testing windows for Florida State Assessments by two weeks to allow for further flexibility for makeups, if needed.


Due to the extension, test results will be released by the state later than originally scheduled. 


Grade 3 ELA assessment results will now be available no later than June 30, and results of the remaining state assessments will be released by July 31.


Allowances have not been made by The Florida Department of Education for statewide assessments to be taken remotely, even by students enrolled in a virtual learning option. 


"Volusia County Schools respects the decisions of Volusia Live and Volusia Online Learning parents who do not feel safe bringing their child in for face-to-face testing," said the school board in a release. 


However, it is crucial to note that students must still meet assessment requirements for graduation, promotion, and program decisions. This is especially important for third-grade students who must demonstrate reading proficiency to advance to fourth-grade and high school students working toward meeting graduation requirements. 


Stringent Safety & Health Procedures are in place and designed to keep students and employees safe. Those include mandatory face-coverings, social distancing measures, frequent handwashing, and regular cleaning at schools. 


Schools will follow these procedures during spring testing, and parents are encouraged to remind their children to follow these safety steps. Anyone who is sick should stay home!


The daily spring testing schedules for elementary, middle, and high school can be found on the Volusia County Schools website at - see Testing Calendars.


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