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Volusia School Guardian Program Receives 180 Applications

Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 10:10AM

Port Orange, FL - The Volusia County Schools Guardian Program has received 180 applications for the new guardian positions and the job posting was subsequently closed due to the high volume of applicants.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) was aiming to hire 44 guardians, but because of the amount of applicants they’re prepared to train more. Approximately 50 applicants were turned away following the first vetting process because they didn’t meet the School Board’s minimum requirements and standards.

Over the next coming days and weeks the interview panel, made up of School District and VCSO personnel, will be interviewing the remaining 130 applicants. 25 candidates have already been interviewed and 14 of those candidates have moved forward to the next stage. Interviews will continue this week and next.

The candidates that make it to the second phase will be fingerprinted, drug tested, and will have to complete the VCSO supplemental application for employment. Background checks will be done by VCSO Internal Affairs after they collect a list of candidates. The background checks include a polygraph and evaluation of character references. It’s the same process that’s done to hire deputies. Psychological examinations will also be part of the process.

The Guardian Program was put in place by the School Board. It’s a program that will place armed officers in the county’s schools. The guardians won’t have the powers of a police officer or deputy, but they’ll serve as school resource officers combined with the duties of a guardian.

Once the guardians are hired and begin working in the schools they will be provided with firearms, ammunition, holsters, and magazine pouches. The equipment will be provided by VCSO and the School Board will supply them with web belts, polo shirts, and body armor. Once the guardians are hired training is scheduled to begin July 2.

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